Our History

H. Beck, Inc., now a wholly owned subsidiary of Kestra Financial Group, has a remarkable history extending back more than 60 years, but dates its current corporate existence to 1984.


Roots, Growth and Major Milestones

Early Days

1954 – H. Beck, Inc. has its earliest origins in the founding of the Estate Investment Company in Bethesda, Maryland, by Roy Woodside. The Estate Investment Company provides retirement plans to small businesses and professionals and becomes a licensed broker-dealer.

1978 – Peter Hibbard buys the Estate Investment Company.

1980 – Hibbard brings in three new partners: Eric Meyers, Norman Kamerow, and Bill Haraway.

1981 – A fifth partner, Chris Nicely, joins the firm.

1983 – John N. Prokopchak joins the firm as Vice President of Recruiting. There are 11 Financial Professionals affiliated with the firm, and the company sees $25,000 in total broker-dealer gross concessions. 

Capital Financial Group / H. Beck, Inc.

1984 – The partners change the name of the firm to Capital Financial Group Securities Incorporated. The new name is accepted by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in 24 states, but in the 25th state this name has already been taken, so the partners need a new name for the broker-dealer side of the business that can be used in all states. They choose the name Hibbard Beck, forming the name Beck from initials of the names of the other four partners: Bill Haraway, Eric Meyers, Chris Nicely, and Norman Kamerow.

1986 – With the enactment of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the firm – now with about 200 representatives and $1.3 million in revenue – is faced with a decision: to leave its roots in direct product placements, or grow the company as a full-service brokerage firm. // Following the departure of Peter Hibbard from the firm, the broker-dealer’s name becomes H. Beck, Inc. Bill Haraway and Chris Nicely also leave the company at about this time. The remaining founding partners, Eric Meyers and Norman Kamerow, are joined by three new partners: John N. Prokopchak, Steven Porter, and Gary Hurvitz, who is named President. This executive team of five partners will lead the company for the next 27 years. 

1993 – The first MasterMind conference is held at Pook's Hill, coinciding with the Superstorm of March 1993.

1998 – Steven Porter is named President. 

2000 – Charlie Eisenmann is named President.

2002 – The Field Advisory Committee is established.

2003 – James H. Dresselaers, formerly President of Polaris Financial Services, joins HBI as a group leader. Within three years he is promoted to Executive Vice President. // The Production Group concept is introduced and adopted.

2005 – Much beloved President Charlie Eisenmann leaves the firm to join Dunham, and a few years later loses his battle with cancer.

2006 – The MyCFG portal is implemented.

2007 – HBI is named Broker-Dealer of the Year (Division III) by Investment Advisor magazine.

A New Era

2008 – HBI leaves Bear Stearns one month before Bear Stearns goes under. // The new IP (Internet Protocol) phone system is set up. // Eric Meyers is named President. // HBI is purchased by Securian Financial Group, based in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

2010 – HBI is again named Investment Advisor magazine's Broker-Dealer of the Year (Division III). 

2011 – HBI moves from Rockville, Maryland, its home for the previous 17 years, to Bethesda, with a new state-of-the-art data center.

2012 – Social media support is added to Financial Professional technology services. // Steven Porter retires from executive management and begins financial practice with his son.

2013 – President and CEO Eric Meyers retires, as do Gary Hurvitz and Norman Kamerow. Jim Dresselaers is named President.

2014 – The company adopts the name H. Beck, Inc. across all aspects of the business.

2017 – HBI is purchased by Kestra Financial, based in Austin, Texas. // Michelle Barry joins HBI as its new President.

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