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Keeping Your Practice on Track During the Summer Months

Jul 23, 2019

Summer is here. For financial advisors, keeping up with client meetings and general office administration can be a challenge, especially when both clients and employees are taking time off for summer vacations. Clients may be unavailable to meet with you, and many firms that have a small staff rely on key employees to make sure all activities continue to be done during scheduled times. So, what do most of H. Beck’s advisors do to help get through the summer months? 

Relying on technology tools and standard processes make your firm more efficient and more valuable. The H. Beck Affiliation package of tools acts as an extension to your organization and helps augment your resources, especially during these summer months. Clients can stay informed and connected if your staff sets up proper use of these tools BEFORE they leave for vacation.  

For example: 

  • MarketingPro- Helps you set up email campaigns and social media ahead of time in order to keep your client connected to you. Nobody has to be “pressing the button” on these communications and clients can read them at their leisure during downtime.
  • Pershing Account Opening – Through your powerful NetX360, you can use an electronic signature process to send clients paperwork for opening accounts, allowing for shorter in-person meetings where clients can review and sign documents from anywhere they can receive email. 
  • Redtail CRM – Provides you with mobile access to all of your customer information and can enable efficient e-mailing and scheduling to postpone meetings if necessary, but provide reminders of important events.
  • Standard Processes – Many tools integrate together so that you can automate and standardize processes such as client meetings and client “touches”. If these are all documented by your key staff, it may help YOU take some much needed time off without a breakdown in your customer service.

Don’t let summer vacation plans interfere with continuing to run your day-to-day business. Let H. Beck provide you with the necessary tools to simplify your workload so that everyone can enjoy their summer plans without worry.

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