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Year-end Review and the Road Ahead

Dec 05, 2018

By Michelle Barry
Somehow, it’s December already. A year ago, Kestra Financial closed on the H. Beck acquisition... and a busy year ensued! And all the while, our financial advisors kept busy serving their clients without missing a beat. So, I just want to take a minute during this hectic, holiday season to thank ALL of you for your business this year. Thank you for the warm welcome, the patience, the candid feedback and the continued support you provide to me and the H. Beck associates. You are H. Beck’s greatest asset and we appreciate all that you do in your local communities serving the financial needs of your clients and helping your businesses thrive. We would not be able to do what we do without your loyalty and we are grateful at this special time of year for the trust you place in us. We’ve accomplished a lot this year and much groundwork has been completed to serve you better in the future.

Over the past year we've:

  • Leveraged our Field Advisory Council and top advisor feedback forums to solicit input on how to build upon the strengths of H. Beck and make it even better.

  • Revamped much of our staffing and leadership, in order to build the departments and services you need to support your practices.

  • Developed a technology roadmap and kicked off countless projects to improve both our back office infrastructure as well as the ways in which we make it easier for you to serve clients.

  • Redesigned our Service Teams to deepen our relationships with you and assist you better.

  • Broadened our product platform to provide more options for you to meet the needs of your clients.

  • Redesigned compliance policies and our branch examination program to help you do business compliantly and abundantly.

While all of this was being worked on, we moved our 80+ associates to a new state-of-the art modern office building and upgraded our entire technology infrastructure – continuing to seamlessly serve you and your clients while we transform the organization for the future.

Looking ahead to 2019, we are putting the final touches on a business plan that does not slow down. We’ll be rolling out our investment advisory platforms, e-signature platforms and workflow and service platforms that will enable you to continue to leverage technology to enhance your practice.

Our Field Technology team is working hard on developing more ways to train and support you on all the tools you have at your fingertips now – because there’s only MORE coming to you in 2019.

Our Sales Support team is working on enhancing events and forums for both advisors and staff to come together next year and become experts at efficiency and best practices needed to enhance your businesses.

Our Operations team is going totally paperless – to ensure efficient service and processing is done at all times so that you can concentrate on your client relationships.

Our Compliance team is revamping forms, policies and advisor service to make it easier to pro-actively stay compliant in all that you do.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be revamping our commission system to deliver better reporting and building recruiting and onboarding platforms to fuel the future growth of H. Beck advisors. It’s an exciting time to be at H. Beck and we’ll be soliciting advisor feedback throughout this fast-paced time to make sure we continue to keep OUR ADVISORS at the center of all we do. This firm was founded on the principles of being the independent advisor’s choice – and we intend to stay committed to this core mission in all that we do.

Lastly, upon this milestone year under Kestra ownership, you should know H. Beck has benefitted greatly from this partnership. Kestra remains fully committed to empowering financial advisors throughout the enterprise and doggedly determined to enhance the value proposition to you and our future H. Beck advisors. Every resource has been made available to us so that we can make decisions faster and smarter than even Kestra was able to make in recent memory. The H. Beck leadership team has been fully empowered to do things differently here and make decisions fitting to our unique needs. I’d argue the H. Beck and Kestra leadership teams are hands-down some of the most talented people in this industry and you will benefit from the power of this as we take on other broker-dealer conglomerates that simply cannot get out of their own way. Our success is built on yours. It’s a mindset that permeates the Kestra enterprise and you have only begun to see the ways in which we will enhance your lives.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to an exciting and prosperous new year!

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