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The H. Beck National Symposium

Sep 10, 2018

By Christopher Roberts


As we remaster Mastermind as the National Symposium, we are focused on bringing together the best business practices, techniques, and education to aid in the growth of our advisor’s practices. Our independent advisors wear multiple hats, and we’re making sure to cover them all!

I got into the business years ago straight out of college. My training was focused on how to find clients, talk to clients, present to clients, and how to close the sale. It wasn’t until my second year I was taught how to service my clients. I could build a multiple million dollar portfolio, but I couldn’t devise a simple marketing plan or write a job description. I had a degree in economics, not business. If I wanted to continue to grow, I had to move beyond a good advisor and learn how to become a great business owner.

I learned from asking questions, researching, and everyone’s favorite, trial and error. The advice from other advisors tended to be so far out of my scope, it didn’t help at the time. Reading gave me an academic lens to view the business, but very little application. Trial and error only caused frustration. I found myself wasting more time trying to attempt to run the business than working on the business because I didn’t truly know how. It didn’t have to be that way.

The H. Beck National Symposium will be a forum in which advisors can learn from experts about the industry and the business behind it. Join us for the opportunity to change and grow your business.

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand.  The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” – William Pollard


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