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Aug 06, 2018

By Michelle Barry

If you haven’t felt a difference yet, I hope that each of you will soon experience something new and exciting coming your way from H. Beck. Our tools, services, and consulting solutions are all expanding.

New Technology 

We are rolling out an online account opening tool with Pershing to give you the ability to use laptops, tablets, or office computers to input account information and simply send it out for the client’s e-signature. 

In addition, we’ve kicked off a project to expand our Investment Advisory Platform. With a fresh, new, Envestnet, we will have a robust proposal system and a simpler way to do business with multiple money management options. Our goal is to have you set up your clients simply, transfer assets onto the platform, and have the flexibility to change strategies quickly and electronically without having to transfer your client’s funds from program to program. 

Our survey results indicated that our Commissions System was the toughest technology tool for you to use so we are working on a new system to help you manage your revenue. 

More Support 

With new leadership and staff in several areas, our advisors have already noticed service improvements and an increase in accountability. Our Sales Support unit has become a knowledgeable team of associates helping expand our product platforms, revamp our training and conferences, and serve as a ‘go-to’ resource for your product and practice needs. 

Currently, we are reorganizing our Operations and Supervision teams and each advisor will soon have a team of associates dedicated to connecting and working together on your business. This will allow you to receive faster answers to your questions, faster service, and a stronger overall relationship with H. Beck.

Efficient Home Office

The H. Beck Home Office is moving to a modern, more efficient workspace enabling a completely paperless environment. This will give us the ability to process your business faster. We are putting in a new service tracking system for your calls, e-mails, issues, and questions. We’ll have better escalation and aging capabilities to make sure we are meeting our high service standards. We’re excited about our upcoming changes and the ability to further support our Advisors.

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