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Our Commitment to Transparency

Apr 06, 2018

By Michelle Barry 

In today’s world, especially in the financial services industry, trust and transparency are very difficult to achieve, but exactly what we are striving for at H. Beck. People are tired of surprises. People want leaders and business partners to be proactive in sharing where the company is headed and forthright about its future.

I do not want us to lose our top talent and Advisors, so I have prioritized trust and transparency, and we will be making decisions with that in mind.. As a leader, I believe I will be more successful if I truly have the trust of our employees and our Advisors. I believe that the best way to earn that trust is to keep lines of communication open and provide visibility of our goals, strategies, and plans. 

What Does This Mean For You? 

We will prove our commitment to transparency by communicating less over email and becoming more personally engaged with you more frequently via face-to-face and/or video interaction. We want to build trust with you – and set-forth a precedent that will transcend through teams, and establish a new type of loyalty and attitude that will ripple throughout the entire organization.

As the new leader of H. Beck, here are some powerful things that I expect to happen as we work as a team at a transparent, hard-working organization. 

1. Our Relationships will Grow Stronger 

Being authentic and committed to transparency can help people bond quickly. In my time here so far I have found that our associates to advisor, our peer to peer relationships in the home office and advisor to advisor relationships are all quite strong. The only time I’ve seen ‘cracks’ is when the associates don’t know how to answer your questions. Or, don’t know what’s new or what we’re trying to change here. Or, don’t know where to go with your valuable input because they are not used to the rapid pace at which we want to change. But I see us getting stronger here. I see the momentum building to build an even stronger relationship-based culture. I hope you see that as something you want to be a part of. 

2. Problems Are Solved Faster

People learn more about one another when their leaders are transparent. For example, I recently shared our revenue and expense targets with an extended leadership team here at H. Beck. This has helped everyone understand just how quickly we need to grow the firm and work more efficiently. Without a heavy emphasis on recruiting right now, the importance of getting our projects done, servicing our existing advisors and offering more products for clients became transparently clear. We are all on the same page and know that these things must be priorities if we are going to achieve our growth goals.There is now less debate around what to do – and more rallying around ‘let’s get going!” 

3. Teams Perform Better

Teams thrive on trust and transparency. Open communication, valuing diversity, and clear goals and accountability come about when teams are operating in open and collaborative ways. We’ve seen some recent examples at H. Beck of high performing teamwork. First, we opened up our Alternative Investment platform to include more products and more avenues to offer these products to your clients. Second, we changed our policy around NY agents selling insurance to clients in other states. And lastly, we revamped our e-mail communication, via a new H. Beck Brief format to help you digest information better. All of these improvements to the Advisor experience were made possible by working in collaborative teams and talking with the Field Advisory Council (FAC) to make sure we kept you at the forefront of our minds. 

You will continue to see progress with us as your business partner. We will transparently keep you informed as we move full steam ahead.

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