Tracing its roots back to 1954, H. Beck, Inc. (HBI) is one of the nation’s leading independent broker-dealers.* More than 700 Financial Professionals around the country have chosen us to provide them with the superior service and support that enable them to be successful for their clients.

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  • “The company has an amazing, family-type congeniality. They do this better than anyone else. They really are good people. The culture of the company is friendly, very congenial. Of the top 10 producers, seven or eight are people I've really connected with. It's one of the nicest firms I've ever worked with.”

    –Frank Betsch, Valley Financial Group Inc., Pennsylvania

  • “Access and trust are the differences. H. Beck recognizes the independent culture. That is probably the thing that drew me the most. They want to keep me compliant, but they don't want to force me into 'this is the way everyone here does this.' They let us be the professional interfacing with the client.”

    –Carl Bass, Bass Financial Strategies Inc., North Carolina

  • “When I was choosing a new broker-dealer in 2010, functionality was the most important thing to me: Which firm had all of the products we used the most of, and was not overly restrictive on the things we did the most? H. Beck is very good. It has a good culture. I didn't realize that was something that even mattered to me until we came to H. Beck. It's one of the reasons we would stay.”

    –Reena Oettinger, Old Dominion Investment Corp., Maryland

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Check out the latest from H. Beck's best and brightest! From tips and tools to insightful expertise, these articles will provide information to help you succeed in your practice.

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Keeping Your Practice on Track During the Summer Months

Jul 23, 2019
Summer is here. For financial advisors, keeping up with client meetings and general office administration can be a challenge, especially when both clients and employees are taking time off for summer vacations. More »

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Social Media for Financial Advisors

Mar 25, 2019
Social media can be a critical ingredient for business growth, providing a cost-effective means to build your practice and obtain wider and faster distribution of information. See how social media can powerfully enhance relationships with clients and prospects. More »


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